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Maximum Hybrid Inverter 1,2,3 kv / 5 kv for off-grid systems and grid-connected backup systems

* Residential and commercial, Telecommunication
* Areas with unstable electricity supply
* Areas without connection to the public electricity grid

* Suitable for PV, grid, generator/wind backup systems
* Pure sine wave output
* Combine hybrid inverter, solar and battery-charger
* Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 10ms/20ms
* Start-up capacity up to 8000/10000 VA
* Integrated solar charge controller and battery charger
* Bypass function, ECO mode
* AC auto restart
* Interfaces: USB/RS232, optional: SNMP/Modbus
* Data logger, remote monitoring
* Use for indoor (IP 21), lightweight
* High reliability
* LCD display, Preconfigureable control panel
* Adjustable input priority function
* Selectable voltage range
* Commercially reasonable price-performance ratio
* Manufactured to ISO9001 / ISO14001

CE-marked, RoHS, manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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Designed for hybrid power system that combines solar array with other renewable energy sources such as wind turbine generator or utility

With its pure sine wave output, this compact hybrid inverter fully assures that modern sensitive electronics like computers and audio/visual equipment, or any other sensitive load, will be correctly and interruption-free powered.

For consumers that need more power at start up, this can be two times of the nominal capacity.

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